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Industrial inkjet printing solutions

Industrial inkjet printing solutions

Inkjet products for ceramic, laminates and wall covering industrial printing applications

Xennia Technology provides state of the art industrial inkjet products in the form of systems, modules and inks, bringing the benefits of inkjet technology to original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and machine partners in ceramicslaminates and wall coverings markets.

World renowned expertise

With over 16 years experience in developing inkjet inks and hardware, Xennia’s highly skilled team have created an easy-to-integrate range of inkjet products, achieving production reliability even in the harshest industrial environments. Xennia has a successful track record of helping to revolutionise production processes through implementation of our inkjet products, most particularly in the Chinese ceramics industry.

Think you know inkjet? Think again

The days when inkjet printing only referred to the printer on your desktop are long gone. Today, it is a diverse and powerful process used across a wide variety of industrial applications to simplify mass customisation, increase productivity and lower operating costs.

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