Industrial digital printing solutions

Xennia adds value to industries worldwide, enabling responsive, economic, sustainable production by partnering with customers to implement digital printing and manufacturing solutions. Xennia is unique in providing complete application solutions tailored to customer requirements based around our expertise in high performance inkjet inks and fluids, and digital printing hardware and software.

Digital inks and solutions for industrial decoration

Digital printing technology is being implemented in industrial markets to meet the need for mass customisation, rapid introduction of new products, increased productivity and lower operating costs. If you are looking for a digital printing solution to transform your ceramics, laminates, wall coverings or other industrial decoration business, Xennia has a range of high performance digital printing inks, software and hardware to meet your needs.

The future of digital manufacturing is here

Inkjet technology is a key enabler for digital manufacturing – the ability to fabricate products based on digital information. This includes depositing coatings and functional materials, defining structures and additive manufacturing across a wide range of industries. Xennia can work with you to define, design and implement an innovative digital solution to increase your manufacturing efficiency.