Industrial inkjet heritage

After almost 20 years dedicated to industrial inkjet technology development, Xennia has a depth of knowledge and understanding that is hard to match, encompassing the full range of technical disciplines needed to manage an industrial digital solution.

Unrivalled expertise

We have a high level of knowledge and experience in material dispersion, inkjet ink formulation and digital application development. Xennia’s team of innovative inkjet chemists, engineers and integration specialists are unrivalled in understanding and expertise, specialising in:

  • Ink and fluid chemistry and formulation
  • Inkjet fluid management
  • Colour chemistry and management
  • High specification software development
  • Electronic and mechanical engineering

High performance products

Xennia has a portfolio of high quality inkjet inks covering a range of industrial applications. Xennia’s digital printing software and hardware can also be used as part of a complete digital solution. Depending on your specific needs, our products can be tailored to ensure your business reaps the maximum benefit. Our commitment to constant improvement means we strive to stay ahead of market expectations in performance and quality.

Long-term global partnerships

Our strong commitment to building and developing long-term relationships with our customers as a trusted partner ensures that your requirements are central to a solution we develop together. We are experienced in working with both regional and multinational customers worldwide, with local support to ensure your needs are met rapidly.

Entrepreneurial flexibility

Xennia and its team are passionate, agile and quick to respond to customer and market requirements, helping us to deliver against stringent expectations while innovating at the forefront of technology.

Xennia’s parent company

Xennia is owned by Sensient Technologies Corporation, a multinational company manufacturing colours, flavours and fragrances. Sensient is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (SXT). For more information please visit www.sensient.com.

Environmental responsibility

We believe that digital technology is a positive force for change across industries, helping to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing across the world. Xennia is committed to taking responsibility for its environment and seeking to increase where possible the sustainability of its operations.

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