Why choose Xennia?

Why choose Xennia?

Complete digital solutions

Xennia is unusual as it understands the complete scope of digital printing technology, and provides a complete application solution across inks, printing systems and software. This makes Xennia best-placed to ensure the solution delivered to you works together as a whole. You also have a single solution supplier taking responsibility for delivery against your requirement, rather than several suppliers delivering the requirement piecemeal.

Unrivalled technical knowledge

Having focussed on industrial inkjet applications for almost 20 years, Xennia has gained unprecedented in-depth knowledge and experience across the complete inkjet process as applied to a wide range of industries. This knowledge helps you to reduce your time to market and increase your return on investment.

Broad international experience

With over 500 customer installations across industries such as ceramic tiles, textiles, product decoration and specialised functional material deposition, Xennia has an unmatched breadth of solution development experience.

Xennia has developed technology used by global Fortune 100 fashion, sportswear, healthcare, soft drink and confectionary brands in Europe, Asia and North & South America and is well placed to meet demanding customer requirements.

Advanced inkjet ink formulation

Our advanced knowledge of ink formulation encompasses UV, solvent and aqueous inks, coupled with detailed material dispersion knowledge including advanced materials such as ceramic pigments and metallic particles, meaning that the highest possible functional and jetting performance is available to you.

Staged development process

Our customer projects are staged to allow you to manage your risk and delivery timescales. We use a step-by-step approach to solution development, starting with proof-of-concept feasibility studies through application development, system design and build, to full implementation and support of a solution on your production line.

Customer focus and flexibility

We always focus on providing you with the service and support you need. We take an entrepreneurial 'can do' approach and work in a highly flexible manner, going the extra mile to deliver our development around you, your processes and values.

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