Business transformation – sales

Business transformation – increased sales

The application of digital printing technology enables you to, apart from reducing cost, add value to your business, increasing sales by addressing a number of key business issues.

Outdated/out of fashion products?

Digital printing technology enables you to introduce designs more rapidly, in a matter of days rather than weeks or months, enabling you to keep up with changing trends and get ahead of your competition.

Competitors have superior designs?

Digital printing technology offers you an endless palette of creative design opportunities. Your only limitation is the quality and creativity of your design files – with digital technology you can create almost any design, including colour gradients and shading, non-repeating designs, thousands or millions of colours in the same design, fine details and variable imaging.

Product range too conservative?

Digital printing technology enables you quickly and cost-effectively to experiment with more radical product designs. No time or money is wasted on the creation of screens or plates, meaning you can push creative boundaries without the need to rely on long term sales of each design.

Design repeat lengths too limiting?

Digital printing technology bypasses the limitations of rollers, plates or cylinders, presenting you with a high degree of flexibility in patterning. You have an endless choice of designs and are not restricted to frequently repeating patterns.

Too slow to market?

Digital printing technology gives a much shorter time for introduction of new designs, without the need for specifying and manufacturing physical screens or rollers. Digital files are also much quicker to modify than traditional screens and rollers, and disseminating designs worldwide is also instant.

Product range too narrow?

Advanced digital printing technology allows you to print onto almost any surface, giving you much more product range flexibility. The ability to print shorter design runs economically allows you to have a broader range of designs without needing to restrict your range to mainstream choices.

Too long to respond to customer requirements?

Digital printing technology offers true print on demand with much reduced make-ready or set-up compared with traditional printing, allowing you to react quickly to customer requirements without extra cost.

Limited ability to customise and personalise products?

Digital technology enables variable data and image printing, allowing you to personalise and customise your products to customer requirements.

Minimum order size too large for your customers?

With minimal set-up time and costs, digital printing technology allows you to print very short print runs just as economically as larger ones, allowing you to pass this flexibility onto your customers.

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