Digital ceramic printing

Application challenges

The contact nature of the rotary screen printing used in conventional ceramic tile decoration leads to breakages of around 10% on each production run. In addition, long set-up times and high set-up costs make short runs uneconomical.

Benefits of inkjet digital ceramic printing

  • Non-contact printing means no breakages, ensuring each run delivers a higher yield, while the ability to use thinner tiles reduces costs
  • Short set-up times and low set-up costs make short runs economical
  • Ability to print on surfaces of variable height means you can print onto textured tiles and bevelled edges
  • Randomised image printing means no pattern repeats so you can replicate a natural effect

Why choose Xennia?

Xennia has more digital ceramic printing systems in production than any other inkjet company, having worked with leading OEMs in Europe and Asia to develop and supply complete digital inkjet ceramic tile decorating solutions. Our digital ceramic printing technology shows excellent quality and reliability performance in production. Companies can also use our Xennia modules and software to create ceramic printing systems to offer to their customers.


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Digital ceramic tile printing
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Xennia modules 
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