Digital manufacturing

Digital manufacturing

Application challenges

Traditional manufacturing processes are designed for mass production of identical products. Modern manufacturing is increasingly under pressure from consumers to manufacture shorter runs and allow variation and personalisation of products.

Digital manufacturing technology can relieve some of the strain this places on supply chain logistics by allowing products to be manufactured on demand using designs that are specified from software, allowing them to be specified in an automated manner. Digital manufacturing can include:

  • specifying product visual design or coding,
  • depositing coatings,
  • depositing functional materials,
  • building structures (additive manufacture or 3D printing).

Benefits of digital manufacturing

  • Short set-up times and low set-up costs make short production runs economical
  • Efficient make-ready process allows new product designs to be introduced rapidly
  • Print-on-demand can reduce stock levels significantly
  • A wider range of products can be made available economically
  • Non-contact deposition process means materials can be deposited onto delicate and non-flat substrates
  • Almost any material can be deposited precisely in metered quantities under digital control

Why choose Xennia?

Xennia has worked with end users and OEMs to develop digital solutions for specialist decoration and coding applications. This includes printing of products during manufacture, depositing coatings and placing functional materials precisely where required. Xennia’s digital solution expertise is unmatched and based on almost 20 years of development. This experience enables us to develop specific application solutions based on our store of expertise and pre-developed technology platforms.


Digital application Printing system Modules & software Inks
Specialist product decoration Xennia solution
Xennia modules 
Xennia software
Xennia ink
Product coating Xennia solution Xennia modules 
Xennia software
Specialist functional inks
Functional material deposition Xennia solution Xennia modules 
Xennia software
Specialist functional inks
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