Digital textile printing

Application challenges

Traditional screen printing processes for decorating, coating and finishing textiles waste materials and energy. High set-up costs and long make-ready times make short production runs uneconomical, while the complex design implementation process makes new product introduction times lengthy. Traditional techniques are also limited in the range of colours available on a single print.

Benefits of digital inkjet textile printing

  • Xennia solutions are available for printing fashion, interior, outdoor and technical textiles
  • Low set-up and running costs enable you to print economically at all run lengths, greatly reducing inventory requirements
  • Fast introduction of new designs reduces time to market, keeping you ahead of the competition
  • Detailed prints with a wide range of vibrant colours increases product quality
  • Variable image printing and personalisation opens up new product possibilities
  • Materials can be deposited in precise quantities, greatly reducing ink, water and energy usage
  • Functionalities, including coatings and active materials, can be applied more efficiently than with conventional methods

Why choose Xennia?

Xennia’s advanced digital textile inks show class-leading performance in production installations worldwide, and have helped our customers increase their product quality and yield. Meanwhile our digital solution development expertise has enabled us to develop advanced outdoor and functional printing solutions for specific customers. Watch textile printing in progress on video.


Digital textile printing application Printing system Modules & software Inks
High throughput digital textile printing Third party system - Xennia Amethyst
Xennia Corundum
Xennia Agate
Digital outdoor textile printing Third party system - Xennia Moissanite
Functional printing Xennia solution
Xennia modules
Xennia software
Specialist functional inks
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