Xennia Aquarius

Xennia Aquarius™ 

High reliability recirculating inkjet fluid controller

Xennia Aquarius™ recirculating fluid controllers are reliable, flexible inkjet modules providing OEM and machine building customers with a robust solution for implementation in production printers, maintaining constant fluid flow to the printheads while controlling temperature and pressure.

Consistent and reliable printing with a wide range of fluids

The Xennia Aquarius recirculating fluid controller allows inkjet printers to be built with production level reliability, maintaining fresh ink at the printheads and flushing air bubbles and dirt out of the heads to be removed by the Aquarius filters. Accurate temperature and meniscus pressure settings provide the control needed for consistent and reliable printing. Aquarius is able to use a wide range of fluid types, including inks containing large, dense pigment particles, with versions available for UV, solvent, oil and aqueous fluids.

Configurable for a wide range of applications

The Xennia Aquarius fluid controller is an inkjet module adaptable to a wide range of demanding high throughput product & packaging decoration and manufacturing applications. Configuration is designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing any number of colours/ink types to be used by adding additional controllers. Aquarius can also be configured to manage any number of printheads in either fixed array or scanning systems.

Multiple printhead capability

For systems requiring large numbers of printheads for each colour, the Aquarius multi-head, single colour version allows the driving of up to 10 printheads per controller, via header tanks located near the printheads which are able to drive up to 5 printheads each. Further Aquarius controllers can be added to accommodate multiple colours/fluid types (one controller per colour) and to drive more than 10 printheads (one controller per set of 10 printheads).

Low-cost version for smaller systems

For systems using fewer printheads, the Aquarius single head, single colour version drives up to 2 printheads per controller with header tanks driving a single printhead each, allowing a lower cost configuration while still delivering the required control and reliability. As with the multi-head version, further fluid controllers can be added to accommodate as many colours or fluids as are required.

Robust inkjet module with flexible options

The Xennia Aquarius comes with its own power supply, and is available with a number of options including header tanks, auxiliary heater packs (for high ink temperatures and/or long pipe runs from the main ink system to the header tanks) and bulk feed ink tanks with capacity suitable for the required ink usage, which can also be supplied with fluid agitation allowing difficult pigmented inks to be accommodated.

Facilitates OEM implementation of inkjet systems

The Xennia Aquarius is available for integration into printing systems by OEMs and machine builders who have access and expertise in a particular sector and would like to deliver a world-beating inkjet print system into new markets.

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