Xennia Auriga

Xennia Auriga™ 

Modular inkjet print engines with flexible configuration

XenJet AurigaXennia Auriga™ inkjet print engines provide OEM and machine building customers with a robust production inkjet module that forms the heart of any digital printing system.

Flexible and modular print engine design

Providing a flexible, modular approach to the design and implementation of inkjet printing systems, the Xennia Auriga print engine can be configured in fixed array or scanning mode and with any number of colours/fluid types, offering excellent alignment and simple printhead replacement. Auriga also offers optional UV pinning lamps integrated with the print engine for optimum print quality when using UV cure inks.

XenJet AurigaThe Xennia Auriga print engine consists of pre-aligned units, containing several printheads, slotted into a printhead carriage, which can then be configured in a wide variety of ways to give different print widths, numbers of colours and pinning lamp layouts. The printhead carriage can be mechanically mounted onto a motion system in the relevant configuration (fixed print engine/moving substrate, scanning print engine/fixed substrate or a combination).

Easy printhead alignment and replacement

The Auriga’s printheads are accurately aligned into the alignment units using Xennia’s proprietary offline alignment system, and the complete unit is then simply slotted into the printhead carriage. The alignment units can be interchanged very simply and returned to Xennia for printhead replacement and realignment.

Robust inkjet module with flexible options

The Xennia Auriga is supplied as a module comprising the mechanical carriage, printhead alignment units, printheads and all necessary drive electronics and power supplies to run the print engine from a PC, with optional pinning lamps available for UV inks and additional alignment units available for reduced system downtime.

Facilitates OEM implementation of inkjet systems

The Xennia Auriga is available for integration into printing systems by OEMs and machine builders who have access and expertise in a particular sector and would like to deliver a world-beating inkjet print system into new markets.

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