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Xennia Corvus™ 

Support for OEM partners introducing inkjet processes

XenJet CorvusXennia Corvus™ OEM integration packages support OEM and machine building partners wishing to introduce inkjet printing into their business or enhance their existing digital offerings. Xennia Corvus includes development of inks and fully qualified inkjet processes, as well as designing systems based on Xennia inkjet modules, enabling the implementation of robust production inkjet printers for the required application.

Inkjet process development

Xennia’s inkjet process development ability is legendary, and this expertise and experience is available under Corvus packages to OEM customers wishing to develop new production processes for their applications, allowing the development time to be cut markedly by building on existing knowledge and intellectual property.

System design based around Xennia inkjet modules

Xennia’s system design expertise is based on many years’ experience of building Xennia’s own production inkjet systems, and this expertise is now available to OEM customers as part of a tailored Corvus package to aid and support system design. This includes the use of proprietary Xennia software to model printing configurations and the inkjet printing process to optimise system design at an early stage, accelerating development and cutting time-to-market.

Tailored training & support

Xennia Corvus support packages provide tailored training to OEM staff members and/or OEM end customers, and can also support printing systems built around Xennia modules and Xennia inks & fluids, both at the OEM’s location and the final system location.

Facilitates OEM implementation of inkjet systems

Xennia Corvus aids the implementation of printing systems by OEMs and machine builders who have access and expertise in a particular sector and would like to deliver a world-beating inkjet print system into new markets, allowing a faster and lower risk route to market.

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