Xennia Lyra

Xennia Lyra™

Automated printhead maintenance station for maximum productivity.

Increased production line efficiency

Xennia Lyra™ is designed to keep printheads maintained for optimum printing performance. Lyra effectively removes any dust, debris or ink residue which may build up around the printhead nozzle plate, ensuring maximum printing efficiency.

Maximum compatibility

Xennia Lyra is designed to be compatible with all major industrial printhead types, and is usable with UV curable, aqueous and solvent based inks. Lyra is also designed to work with scanning or fixed array print engine configurations. Whatever your system requirement, there is a Xennia Lyra configuration able to increase your system performance.

Fully automated maintenance

Xennia Lyra is fully automated, making maintenance cycles fast and easily repeatable. It enables the user to perform routine maintenance easily and quickly in order to maximise production. Lyra has a number of modes including cap, purge, spit and wipe, and can be configured to perform scheduled and intervention maintenance as required.

Maximum system performance with Xennia modules

Xennia Lyra is designed to be integrated with Xennia’s digital printing solutions and is controlled using Xennia’s high performance print software.

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