Xennia Cygnus

Xennia Cygnus™ 

Powerful print software controlling all digital system modules

XenJet CygnusXennia Cygnus™ print software provides OEM digital system builders with a powerful solution able to manage print jobs, print variable images & data and control all parts of the system from a single integrated interface.

Flexible printer manager

Xennia Cygnus print software provides a flexible, modular approach to the design and implementation of digital inkjet printing systems. The software can be configured to manage all parts of the printing system, including the image path, fluid controllers, motion system and curing stations.

Designed for key digital printing applications

Xennia Cygnus is available in specific versions targeting industrial/specialist printing, mailing/addressing and labelling, decorative production printing and ceramic printing. Each version has a specific user interface offering features tailored for each application with configurable options. The user interface can be customised with OEM branding if required.

Powerful print software

Xennia Cygnus accepts image files to be printed in a variety of image formats. Variable data printing can also be defined using a template designer, with images, barcodes, text and shapes as elements. The Cygnus image path handles the incorporation of variable data into each printed image on the fly, along with Adobe™-native raster image processing (RIP), screening, colour management and creation of print swaths for output to the printheads. Xennia Cygnus can accommodate scanning and fixed array printing modes of any configuration.

Facilitates rapid implementation of digital printing systems

XenJet Cygnus

Xennia Cygnus is available for integration into printing systems by OEMs who have access and expertise in a particular sector and would like to deliver a world-beating inkjet printing system rapidly into new markets.

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