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If you are looking for high quality digital inks, Xennia may have what you need. Innovative inkjet ink chemistry is the core of our business and we have many years of expertise in the development and production of a wide range of inkjet ink chemistries. Ink types include UV cure, solvent, aqueous and functional inks and we have particular expertise in specialised materials such as ceramic pigments and metallic particles. Xennia's range of inkjet inks & fluids show unrivalled performance and quality in key applications.


Ink Chemistry Colours Applications
Xennia Amethyst Reactive dye aqueous CMYK, red, orange, blue, grey Textiles
Xennia Corundum Sublimation dye aqueous CMYK Textiles 
Xennia Agate Polyamide dye aqueous CMYK, red, orange, blue, grey
Xennia Moissanite Pigment UV cure CMYK Textiles
Xennia Zircon Ceramic pigment oil Brown, blue, yellow, pink, beige, white, black Ceramics
Digital manufacturing
Xennia Diamond Pigment UV cure CMYK, W, Clear Laminates
Digital manufacturing
Xennia Garnet Pigment UV cure K Digital manufacturing
Xennia Pyrite UV cure Etch resist Laminates
Digital manufacturing
Xennia Alexandrite Pigment solvent CMYK, Gloss Wall coverings 
Digital manufacturing
Xennia Morganite Pigment solvent CMYK Glass
Xennia Onyx UV cure or solvent Silver Wall coverings
Digital manufacturing
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