Xennia Agate

Xennia Agate™

High performance digital textile printing ink for silk and polyamide

Xennia Agate™ offers deep and vibrant colours when printed onto polyamide, wool and silk textiles, with excellent jetting performance and outstanding fastness properties.

Ideal for digital printing of fashion apparel, swimwear and active wear fabrics

Xennia Agate is an aqueous, environmentally friendly ink designed to be used as part of a digital fabric decoration process. It offers excellent colour performance with high vibrancy and extended colour gamut and is suitable for printing onto silk, polyamide and wool textiles.

Excellent colour and fastness properties

Xennia Agate is formulated using carefully tailored dye chemistry to give excellent colour vibrancy, extended gamut and consistent colour density. Agate has been specifically designed for printing onto silk, wool and polyamide fabrics, with wash- and lightfastness, resistance to acid & alkali perspiration and dry & wet crock fastness equal or superior to conventional inks.

Unsurpassed printing performance

Xennia Agate is designed for use in high performance digital textile printing systems using a range of aqueous compatible industrial piezo printheads. Agate has proven printing reliability and productivity with consistently good dwell performance, easy start up and minimal need for printhead maintenance. Agate also offers long shelf life giving flexibility in production environments.

Environmental benefits

Modern manufacturing calls for low impact inks that meet regulatory and environmental requirements. Xennia Agate has been designed and produced from the ground up with sustainability in mind.

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