Xennia Alexandrite

Xennia Alexandrite™ 

High performance eco-solvent digital ink

Xennia Alexandrite™ is a high quality pigment-based full colour ink set based on environmentally responsible solvents, giving excellent colour and lightfastness properties with reliable jetting and good adhesion on graphics substrates.

Ideal for printing onto a wide range of substrates

Xennia Alexandrite offers enhanced adhesion on a wide range of rigid and flexible media. The ink has good durability on many substrates with high levels of chemical and abrasion resistance.

Excellent print quality and vivid long-lasting colour

Xennia Alexandrite gives high printing speed and reliability with superior quality. Alexandrite provides high vibrancy and extended colour gamut, with long term colour consistency and proven lightfastness. Designed with the finest colorants, these inks are suitable for internal and outdoor applications giving print with long lasting impact.

Unsurpassed printing performance

Alexandrite has proven printing reliability, even in very demanding and unforgiving production environments, with consistently good dwell performance, easy start up and minimal need for printhead maintenance.

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