Xennia Diamond

Xennia Diamond™ 

High performance UV curable digital ink

Xennia Diamond™ offers vivid colours, reliable jetting, flexibility, adhesion and durability, with high levels of chemical, abrasion and temperature resistance and good lightfastness. Diamond prints well onto a wide variety of rigid and flexible graphics, packaging and label substrates as well as most plastics and glass.

Ideal for printing onto a wide range of substrates

Xennia Diamond offers enhanced adhesion on a wide range of rigid and flexible non-porous media, with high speed cure and low odour. The cured ink has excellent durability and high levels of chemical and abrasion resistance.

Excellent print quality and vivid colour

Xennia Diamond gives high printing speed and reliability with superior quality. Diamond provides high vibrancy and extended colour gamut, with long term colour consistency and proven lightfastness. Xennia Diamond White gives excellent performance when overprinted with Xennia Diamond CmYK, allowing decoration of transparent and strongly coloured substrates while maintaining colour performance.

Highly durable hardcoat

The Xennia Diamond range also includes a highly durable UV cure clear hardcoat varnish. This can be used as an overcoat for coloured inks, or as a standalone coating, offering excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Diamond Clear can be used as a uniform coating, or can be applied to specific areas as a spot varnish. Unsurpassed printing performance Diamond has proven printing reliability, even in very demanding and unforgiving production environments, with consistently good dwell performance, easy start up and minimal need for printhead maintenance.

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