Xennia Moissanite

Xennia Moissanite™

UV pigment digital outdoor textile decoration ink

Xennia Moissanite™ offers good colour performance with high vibrancy and excellent lightfastness. It is suitable for printing onto textiles with no requirement for pre- or post-treatment to give good durability.

Ideal for printing of outdoor fabrics

Xennia Moissanite offers high speed printing with an excellent colour gamut allowing printing of striking designs. The durability of the printed fabric has been optimised for outdoor applications such as printing flags and banners to give good weather resistance.

Simple to use UV cure ink

Xennia Moissanite is a UV curable ink set, designed to allow in-line fixation of the print without the need for expensive and laborious post-processing steps. The ink chemistry allows printing onto a wide range of textiles including cotton and polyester with good adhesion and durability.

Unsurpassed printing performance

Xennia Moissanite is designed for use in high performance digital textile printing systems. When used with a recommended system, Moissanite delivers excellent print quality, outstanding productivity and reliability. Moissanite offers good dwell and jetting performance with minimal need for printhead maintenance. Moissanite has a long shelf life giving logistical flexibility in production environments.

Environmental benefits

Digital textile printing offers an energy, water and waste saving alternative to traditional printing methods meaning less impact on the environment. UV curable ink requires no excess water or heat to be used during post-processing, cutting costs and environmental impact.

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