Xennia Morganite

XenInx Morganite™ 

Digital glass laminate decoration ink

Xennia Morganite™ is a set of inks designed specifically for decoration of the PVB film used in laminated glass, offering excellent lightfastness and good colour gamut.

Ideal for printing polyvinyl butyral (PVB)

Xennia Morganite is designed specifically for printing onto the PVB films used in laminated glass manufacture, offering a simple means of decoration with excellent adhesion and compatibility with the lamination process. The inks are based on user-friendly solvents from renewable resources and classified as non-flammable.

Excellent print quality and vivid long-lasting colour

Xennia Morganite gives high printing speed and reliability with superior efficiency and exceptional quality. Morganite provides high vibrancy and extended colour gamut. Using high performance pigments, Xennia Morganite is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications with proven lightfastness over many years, giving high resistance to UV degradation and colour fading.

Unsurpassed printing performance

Xennia Morganite has excellent printing reliability, even in very demanding and unforgiving production environments, with good dwell performance, easy start up and minimal need for printhead maintenance. The printed ink dries fast on the substrate with good image sharpness.

Maximum performance with Xennia systems & modules

For optimum operation, Xennia Morganite is recommended for use with Xennia printing systems and Xennia modules. Used with Xennia systems and modules, Morganite delivers excellent print quality.

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