Xennia Onyx

Xennia Onyx™ 

Metallic decorative digital ink

Xennia Onyx™ is a metallic decorative inkjet ink, available in solvent and UV curable versions, showing good printing reliability with a high flop index and reflectivity to rival that of metallic inks printed by traditional printing methods.

Ideal for digital decorative effects

Xennia Onyx is a metallic silver ink for decoration of a variety of substrates, allowing metallic effects to be added on demand for enhanced decoration. Onyx can be used in combination with XenInx Diamond™ or XenInx Alexandrite™ to produce a coloured metallic appearance.

Unrivalled quality and reflectivity

Xennia Onyx is the first inkjet printable metallic decorative ink showing high flop index and comparable reflectivity to screen and gravure inks without requiring additional heating. Based on Xennia’s advanced dispersion technology using carefully selected metallic pigments, Xennia Onyx allows a range of substrates to be decorated without compromising on quality and durability.

Compatible with a wide range of substrates

Xennia Onyx is designed to achieve maximum reflectance on flat non-porous substrates, but can also be used over a pre-coat layer on semi-porous and porous media with similar effect. Onyx is available in solvent and UV versions allowing a wide range of applicability.

Unsurpassed printing performance

Xennia Onyx prints reliably and consistently at high speed, with good dwell performance, easy start up and minimal need for printhead maintenance.

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