Xennia Pyrite

Xennia Pyrite™ 

Digital UV etch resist ink

Xennia Pyrite™ is a high performance UV etch resist ink ideal for digital relief patterning of stainless steel and other metals.

Ideal for digital printing of relief patterns

Xennia Pyrite is designed for printing decorative patterns onto stainless steel plates and rollers. These are then used to emboss textures into surfaces such as furniture laminates. Pyrite can also be used as an etch resist in electronics and other applications.

Excellent adhesion and durability

Xennia Pyrite has been optimised to offer excellent adhesion when printed onto stainless steel and other metallic substrates. Pyrite shows excellent resistance to typical steel etches.

Unsurpassed printing performance

Xennia Pyrite has proven printing reliability, with good dwell and jetting performance, easy start up and minimal need for printhead maintenance.

Ideal for use in industrial piezo printheads

The inks are optimised for use in industrial piezo printheads, such as those from TTEC and Xaar, providing excellent performance in digital etch resist applications.

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