Xennia Zircon

Xennia Zircon™

Digital printing ink for ceramic tile decoration

Xennia Zircon™ digital ceramic printing inks give enhanced design possibilities, offering a wide range of vibrant colours including a high opacity white ink. Strong, compelling colours are achievable on fired tiles while retaining the optimum glaze finish.

Superior colour intensity

Xennia Zircon has a wide colour gamut, enabling the creation of eye-catching designs without the need for multiple spot colours. Natural effects such as stone and wood can be printed effectively giving visually arresting images. Xennia Zircon enables the creation of deep red and green shades allowing the creation of compelling modern designs. Xennia Zircon white ink offers a superior level of opacity, providing additional design possibilities.

Proven performance in production environments

Xennia Zircon is proven in industrial manufacturing environments, offering exceptional printhead reliability and minimal need for printhead maintenance. Xennia Zircon also has a long shelf life giving supply chain convenience in production.

Retains high gloss finish with strong colours

High ink coverage is usually required to achieve strong shades; this can often lead to an inconsistent or matte glaze finish. Due to the sophisticated formulation of Xennia Zircon, deeper colours can be achieved consistently while retaining a high gloss finish when required. Xennia has been developing inkjet inks and systems for nearly twenty years, providing the expertise required to deliver the superior performance of Xennia Zircon.

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