High performance inkjet inks, software & systems

Quality digital printing products

Xennia supplies a range of proven, high quality digital products including inkjet printing inks, printing software, inkjet modules and printing systems which can be optimised for your specific application, delivering increased efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Xennia is also able to develop a full application solution for a customer-specific requirement by configuring one or more of the product options below, or developing new technology as required.

Digital inks & fluids

If you are looking for specialist inks for digital printing applications, Xennia may have the answer. Xennia’s advanced formulation expertise means we offer products with excellent print quality and jetting performance, giving excellent application performance.

Digital printing software

Xennia’s digital printing software can be used in Xennia systems, as part of a Xennia application solution development or with third party technology. Xennia printing and application software offers high performance and ease of use across key digital applications.

Digital printing modules

For customers looking to build their own industrial inkjet printing system, Xennia’s digital modules provide the core components as a package, including the print engine, ink supply and automated printhead maintenance system along with advanced digital printing software.

Our low-risk modular approach offers greater flexibility in system configuration, reducing time to market and development costs.

Digital printing systems

If you are looking for a complete digital printing system, Xennia has a number of systems designed for key applications, which can also be adapted to your specific requirements. Xennia’s digital printing systems help to revolutionise production processes, bringing the numerous advantages of digital inkjet technology to your business.

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