Solution development

Solution development

Thinking about a digital printing solution for your application?

Think Xennia.

Built on Xennia’s knowledge of the complete inkjet printing process and based around our ink chemistry, software and hardware expertise, Xennia can help make your ideas a reality in any industrial decoration or digital manufacturing application.

Unrivalled expertise

Xennia has almost 20 years of experience in developing complete application solutions to customer requirements, working worldwide across a range of industries. Unlike most companies in the industry, we have experience of developing technology across the whole digital spectrum of ink, software and hardware, and in ensuring all these technology aspects work together as a complete solution. This makes us uniquely placed as a technology developer, enabling us to move rapidly towards implementation of robust production line solutions.

Flexible inkjet solution development

Solution development takes customers through a staged process from feasibility study, through design and demonstration of developed inks and systems, to installation and support of a complete production line solution. Our services are customer-focused and highly flexible, with projects structured using key milestones to help manage technical and financial risk. Xennia can work as a contract developer or in partnership with an existing customer development team as required.

State-of-the-art laboratories

Our team works in state-of-the-art inkjet laboratories with sophisticated inkjet characterisation equipment and test printing stations. Our visualisation and measurement systems provide full characterisation of the droplet formation process, while advanced optical systems allow quantitative analysis of printed samples to ensure optimum results from developed inks and inkjet printing processes.

Small scale to full production capabilities

All of the necessary equipment for mixing, milling, dispersion and filtration is available in the laboratory, allowing rapid development of new inkjet ink formulations. Fully developed inks are then transferred to Xennia’s scale up and ink production facility for volume supply to our customers.

Modules for fast implementation of solutions

Xennia’s range of inkjet modules covers the complete range of components for a successful inkjet printing solution, allowing great flexibility in system design and reducing time-to-market and risk considerably.

If you would like to enquire about a digital printing solution for your industrial decoration or digital manufacturing application please contact us giving details about your requirement.

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